Virtual Glasgow

We know that one of the most exciting things about attending conferences is the chance to visit a new city and explore. While this year’s conference is going to be online, we’ve put together this page to give you a wee taste of what Glasgow has to offer – hopefully you’ll be able to visit us here soon!

Glasgow is a vibrant city with events of all shapes and sizes happening throughout the year. From film festivals and concerts, to sporting events and food markets, to a vibrant arts community and a large collection of museums, galleries and parks, there’s always something going on! To experience some of the exciting things going on Glasgow, from the comfort of your own home, click here to be taken to your very own virtual tour of Glasgow!


If you’d like a little piece of Glasgow for yourself, make sure to check out the University of Glasgow online gift shop, where you can find a plethora of university-branded and Glasgow-themed souvenirs. The Hunterian Collection, based on our very own Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery here at the University of Glasgow, is definitely not to be missed!

Our friends over at the Glasgow Convention Bureau have collated some of the best virtual tours of famous Glasgow landmarks, interesting articles about Glasgow (including some filming locations you might not have known were in Glasgow!) and a collection of some of our finest online stores for you to buy your very own souvenirs.

Click here to be taken to their site to find out more!

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