Plenary Speakers

Danielle Turton is a Lecturer in Sociolinguistics at Lancaster University and a member of the Lancaster Phonetics Lab. Her work focusses on language variation and the mechanisms of sound change, including how social factors such as social class and age organise themselves within the constraints set by internal linguistic factors. She has written on the Manchester accent, ultrasound for sociophonetic and phonological research and is now working on rhoticity in East Lancashire.

Rebecca Lurie Starr is an Associate Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature at the National University of Singapore. Her research focuses on language variation in multilingual and mulitdialectal settings, children’s sociolinguistic development, and the sociolinguistic construction of style. Her work has appeared in Language in Society, Journal of Sociolinguistics, Language variation and Change, and World Englishes, among others. Her 2017 book, Sociolinguistic variation and acquisition in two-way language immersion, was published by Multilingual Matters.

Jenny Cheshire works on sociogrammatical variation and change, focusing particularly on the speech of adolescents. She has analysed the structure of spoken syntax and the relation between syntactic variation, pragmatic function and social interaction. Recent research has explored the emergence of linguistic innovations in Multicultural London English, and language use in multiethnic areas of Paris, as well as the role of the wider sociocultural and historical context in facilitating linguistic innovation and change.

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